1 September 2009

Let the Words Flow...


Random rain of words it is

The murky world inside my head is teeming with million of unattended butterflies trying to disrupt the order that I so eagerly and desperately have been trying to reign in. The furious typing at this moment have nothing to do with the drizzle outside. I know I'm not making any sense. But writing is all I want to do and that is why the hardcore typing sound seems to be so easing to the senses. I've started working, actually I've been employed now for almost two weeks. That is why may be the strange paradise (of sorts) seems to be comfortable enough. So much for being enough-independent. The lighting speed of the thoughts that are really crowding in, trigger some other long lost appraisals of the past that were so mundane yet effervescent. There was motion even in the tranquil subduedness. Away from home for the first time ever, away from friends and family have its aftereffects. No, I'm not at all homesick (the definition of home always eluded me, I mean what exactly is a home, its not an entity, its more of an idyllic idea). Leave it. Don't pay attention to everything that I have to say.

At the start of my stay here, I was a bit apprehensive, because when I came (or rather when I decided to change place), it was done erratically, I had idea of what I wanted to be but not how exactly. But sometimes, I guess fate (or then, the lack of it) takes a different route altogether. Ten days later, I find a foothold, almost. A JOB. If, you know what I mean. A meager salary and bountiful existence don't go hand in hand but the utter possibility of unhinged freedom gets you high. Freedom - that elusive sentiment that have got the world enthralled, the revolutions that one witnessed, all to the spirit of freedom. Meanwhile, the world has been behest with all the uproar and furor of what one had to say about another blah blah blah, the revival of the western world from the clutches of the R-WORD. The world lives on, and I personally think mostly of the premises that I had to be in . Selfish gene.
I so miss watching films, the habit of the otherwise recluse. I miss my pets and I miss the eternal whiff of extra-ordinariness that always seem to haunt the world I was stuck in.

I borrowed 'A Blue Hand' from a friend to read. The book chronicles the stay of the BEATS in India. But unlike before, the reading bug has temporarily gone to rest. AWAKE.

And, finally, the bug that has bitten me. The pain that it has infused. Miraculous. Dangerous. Completely incurable.

P.S: The thing that really made me get up from the somewhat sojourn I was thinking of taking was the discovery of this CINE DURBAAR. For all lovers of cinema, it is more than worthy of just a dekko. Hail to cinephiles!!

P.S.S: Excuse my babbles.

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still thinking !!! said...


angry angry angry
still angry

this wheel's on fire said...

"Excuse my babbles."

I love your babbles :)

modern exile said...

@still thinking!!!:

modern exile said...

@this wheel's on fire:

I wonder at times how so many differences (geographical and otherwise) unite some people. I'm so glad that I'd discovered you. <3

nitesh said...

Thanks for the shout-out, and I hope we can keep the cinema passion burning, and learn to in the process of discussion and cinephilia :)

modern exile said...

My pleasure. The cause is so central for all cinephiles, we don't need to thank each other, this is OUR cause.Anything for furthering it.
Has the new site been unveiled yet??

Anandi said...

You know, my own blabbering drives me up and down the wall until I'm ready to run of a cliff and remain suspended in mid air like THE roadrunner. But someone else's 'babbles' are always delightful. Yours particularly so!
More soon?

nitesh said...

We doing the testing of our new site and the dummy of the mag is ready. Hopefully,the Aug-September issue should roll out by next week. And subsequent issues from the 1st of every month.

modern exile said...

Hmmm...feeling like the Roadrunner... exactly..
and how can I forget your delightful 'babbles'.
Yup! you can of course expect more, let the butterflies decide :)

modern exile said...

Best of luck!!!

Anorak said...

Babbles of babylon
Gibbering of Guantánamo Bay....is it making any sense.... well, u see u cant compete with my babblings... hihi.. jokes apart...i mean, it was just an extension of ur mind...which i myself feel so often ... so keep Gibbering!!!

BTW yesterday watched Lord of the Rings-2, and the third part half....loved it!!! not because of the cinematography and all alone....but the theme, the dialogues and the essense....... :)

modern exile said...

I loved the LOTR trilogy.
Don't worry the gibberish won't end.

this wheel's on fire said...

"I'm so glad that I'd discovered you. <3" Likewise!

And Maria Grazia Cucinotta is so gorgeous, isn't she? Il Postino is one of my favorite movies :)

modern exile said...

She is (So was most of the others in your 'Heart of Stone' post). And Il Postino was a film thats so special to me.. an introduction to Neruda, in my case.

rauf said...

survival and Freedom are not friends Sagorika. Survival requires some shift in philosophy.