14 April 2009

Fragments of Lost Letters

Today a sparrow sat on my window sill,
Telling me tales of some place else, of some other day,
In its undecipherable tongue, but I somehow understood.
In the evening, I discover all the letters I'd written for you (but that never were sent)
lying scattered on the floor.
The yellow papers were weeping, it seemed, hence got loose.
The music of the evening was so soothing.
I was so tired, I'm so tired still.
I'm dreaming of rain and waiting,
Waiting for something that has simply forgotten its way to my being.

12 after-thought(s):

Little Girl Lost said...

something that has simply forgotten its way to my being...
loved that line. :)
and no visit to my blog? :(

modern exile said...

Hey Amritorupa, nothing as such. Just happened to blog after a gap. Will be going thorugh yur post soon.

Little Girl Lost said...

and it pains me deeply(not to mention makes me very insecure) that i'm not on your blogroll and have to come by to tell you to come read. :( please do something before i write an even more depressing post.

still thinking !!! said...

The “Indecipherable sparrow “

The “yellow, loosened, scattered, weeping undelivered letters”

The “tired dreamer “
“waiting for something that has simply forgotten her way to its being”

And then the painter, if asked a reason for her canvas
Would humbly say
"nothing as such"
I’m just escaping from the sun

atanu nath said...

the picture ... have something to say... about what the sparrow could tell u on that evening...

jl said...


Anorak said...

there is always an amazing feel in ur words, which touches the soul ....this is brilliant... but i feel a little shuffling of words can make it even better....keep walking!!!

rauf said...

why the letters are in fragments Sagorika ?

what always remain with us are our memories where ever we go. Some times i wish i could erase them Sagorika but my mind is not a tape.
My body is a carrier of my mind and my memories.
feeling of the touch fades in time but things like your letters keep the memories always fresh how ever painful they are. Its hard to get rid of those things. Do you know why ?
Pain is more romantic than joy. Its very dear to us.

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Well this was completely different from the last one.
The prose-like lines.... yet with a certain music in them reminded me of some old-world charm... the creative use of time and tense all so wonderfully brought together.

modern exile said...

Hmmm.. now you are on my blog roll so that part of the problem has been solved. No more 'depressing comment.;)
take care and do keep in touch.

@Still thinking!!!:
'nothing as such' i'm just escaping the sun

@atanu nath:
The sparrow speaks a different language, I understand but then its only in my imagination, my interpretation. And, I might be wrong. The sparrow could go on ad on...

Jaya Lakhsmi, right!!! thank you, thank you..

Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from you. You all have inspired me to be a better poet (But I still consider myself to be a 'BAD one', seriously.)


Rauf, Rauf, its been ages since the letters have been locked away with no address to send to. Thats why they are in tatters, old papers..
Memories are bewitching at times, particularly the very grand ones, but alas!'My body is a carrier of my mind and my memories' as well.
Some people can never get enough pain..

Actually it was meant to be prose but then I just changed my mind and gave it the shape of poetry.(Even, I don't know what exactly, I meant by that!!

Tanaya said...

good sagorika..but i sincerely feel that the arrangement of words can be worked upon..I know it's all very spontaneuos..u write what comes from within..yet u can always have a relook and make it better.

I cud visulaise that sparrow, those weeping letters, yr tired soul.........keep it up!!!!!

ShantanuDas said...

[Hahahaha.. I am already in a good mood now.. and am laughing how all that some ppl are interested in is getting ppl to visit her blog and comment LOL... I hv forgiven them already - now -- this evening 17/4/09 2054 hrs .. ..bcs I now know why they were angry she saw i saw through! Hehe..LOLZ!! Shit! ]

Anyway.. u know what? Ur post reminded me of my (ya now u know I am 1957 born) college days of 70s.. . where I used to buy scented paper..mmmmmmm. .no email in my times.. and I had German and Austrian pen friends. and blv me my written letters too used to run into pages.. hehe..

Ur post transported me to my bygone era..ahh. where are my penfriends.. what they may be doing now? mothers grandmas? hmm !

Sagorika.. !!..but of course your post here was about something deeper.. i understood and will not comment.. i just said what it reminded me of.... "forgotten memories" - a writer writes. .. he or she has her own feelings.. sometimes the reader may empathise.. sometimes may not.. but the feelings remain.