2 April 2009

25 after-thought(s):

L said...

Music, when soft voices die,
vibrates in the memory.
Odours when sweet violets sicken, live within the sense tehy quicken.
PB Shelley

still thinking !!! said...

loved it...when everything seems unbearable,loose urself

rauf said...

Slight shift in attitude Sagorika,
doesn't take much effort, just drop it, let go. 'Letting go' is easy for me to say. But i know how difficult it is. i may be wrong about shift in attitude, in a way i am asking you to be insensitive, something i don't want you to be.
Sadly there are wounds that time does not heal. back to attitude again. Confusing ? have an ice cream. New hair style helps.

Well expressed poem, i am a bit confused about 'fragrance'
i am a dimwit, have very limited understanding Sagorika. i don't understand complications, rather refuse to understand them.

Life is simple, we make it complicated.

modern exile said...

Odours have a tantalising effect. How suddenly even in a crowded bus or any anywhere, a wisp of odour of something familiar tranports you to that place and time in past.. Amazing
Shelley is right:)


"Loose yourself"
reminds me of Eminem's song of the same name (if i'm not wrong).


Yes, rauf, my attitude needs no time to shift, utterly unpredictable.

'Letting go' is a mantra of sort, I know its difficult but we need to grow up and grow out of certain things, feelings. This piece happened very suddenly. Nah! Not that much loaded I guess. Sometimes, certain music, feeling influences to write, thats it. But I'll agree on this point of yours:

'Life is simple, we make it complicated."

and I'm an expert here.

Oh! as for 'Fragrance' I love the sound and the meaning, pleasant smell but this word itself makes its meaning so soothing.

Anorak said...

magical!!!........keep walking!!!

ShantanuDas said...

Fragrance brings Nostalgia,
Stink brings Melancholia.

modern exile said...


The Photographer turns into a poet... yes,
"Fragrance brings Nostalgia,
Stink brings Melancholia"
Thats why the former:)

ShantanuDas said...

When I was younger I was a poet;
When I grew older I realised Life;
My Poems got erased from the HDD of my mind
Eyes started recording the world on my flashdisk instead.


Actually it is YOU and some others' writing here who are awakening my poetry in flashes!

Hard to kill what you are inside, I guess..but then as I said it is the mind which changes (on ur ramblings post) with time.


L said...

BTW, I forgot to mention before...I like the new look your blog has acquired....looks elegant.

atanu nath said...

...why should we go on managing our mind.. why should we care... if we are sad sometimes... let it be.. let it last as long as we can keep it... those moments of sorrow with distinct reason behind them are so rare now...
"Your voice still travels
Through the periphery of my dreamlands"..
the word "periphery" that u've used here... has got something in it.. I've liked it... it has got an image... a periphery was there... yes that periphery... may be we are missing now...!! at least I'm missing... the periphery that covered my world and I dreamt once to visit it... sorry.. may be I am moving away too much... !!
This moment of non-nothingness.. that we are missing.. should last a while... in those nights where
"the night fireflies haunt the air"
...I cannot remember... exactly when did those moment of distinct visions... we've left ... left forever... sometimes.. they come across... travelling too far from the
"bygone era"... and we are so helpless... let it be so.. let it be.. as long as we can...

modern exile said...

'Hard to kill what you'er inside' rings a bell!!
BTw, even photography is kind of poetry... the poetry of images...

@ L:
Thanks, L.

@atanu nath:
The sweet melancholia that just thrusts us into that sorrow hole...

The use of the word 'periphery' was deliberate. It was not just the periphery but everything within this boundary but the wall is becoming weaker or so as it seems.I don't know if I'm even allowed to visit.
The fireflies don't haunt the air any more, their is no smell even of the 'bygone era'.

Hapless, helpless...
Sad Creatures

ShantanuDas said...

yes! it does.. does it not?
u r right.. poetry of images.. only mine is bad poetry.. but will do better..it all needs the mind.. and my mind i growing back... it had got lost..in useless matters.. getting it back to what it was!!

Little Girl Lost said...

The caterpillar inside
Needs air to breathe...
i loved those lines. loved your whole blog actually.
you write magically.
take care. do visit.

modern exile said...

@ Little Girl Lost:

A Marquez fan!!! So, there's a shared passion. Thanks for the visit. Been to "Rivers I Have Lost". Will be following.

ShantanuDas said...

Thank God! when MY friends are friends with each other!!

(M.E. and L.G.L. re: last two comments between them)

.. BECAUSE then I need not worrry that one is going to bitch about the other or feel jealous about one another .... :-)

I LIKE Fragrances & not Stink... Stink (bitching) gives me a HEADACHE and LIGHTS the fire inside me!!!

The words "A Marquez fan!!! So, there's a shared passion" made me say this.. of course u understand that this is just light talk!! hmm? hmm!! :-))))))

haha!! !!
Ohey Sagorika.. !! knock knock!!!!! where r u?? Long time No SEEE!!!

modern exile said...

Shantanu... we do like similar people... liked L.G.L's blog.
BTW, I hate STINK too.
Have so much to write but then don't have time enough to type. Currently working on a telefilm script and shooting starts soon. Wish me luck.
I'm tired of this CHAP.

Bad rhyme.. I know:(

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Fine piece of poetry...really well-chosen words which suggest some thoughts, some visions and then gently nudge you into weaving your own. Should we expect more?

PS: I might be speaking rather tangentially here but don't obnoxious odours last as much as ethereal fragrances.

ShantanuDas said...

Obnoxsous orders do last as long.. like last night's drinks' odours are still lingering in my head in the morning today!! lol..

I was wondering who this CHAP is that Sagorika hates for a full 10 mts.. then I realised she meants Chaaaaaaaap... !! ooff!!

Hey GOOD Luck Sagorika.. Am sure you will do gR8!!.. since you are handling the Chaaap.. Chaaap will take care of you = means u will get returns!


Little Girl Lost said...

hello sagorika, since that seems to be your name. thank you for liking Rivers I Have Known. appreciation means a lot when it comes from someone like you. and as Shantanu says like-minded people tend to cluster together :)
please do become a follower so that you can read when i write. i too will be following you. looking forward to staying in touch,

still thinking !!! said...

Aah! Atanu…. what a vision my friend!

{[ A periphery was there...
Yes that periphery...
That we are missing now...!!
The periphery that covered my world
And I dreamt once to visit it...

This moment of non-nothingness.
That we are missing.
Should last a while...
In those silent nights

Where "the night’s fireflies
Haunt the air"

...I cannot remember...
Exactly when those moment of distinct visions...
Left us forever...

They do come across...
Traveling far from the
"bygone era"...
like a hazy dream

and we
stand helpless...

let it be..
let it be..
as long as we can... ]}

Thanks for using the word Sagorika,
You got a poem out of the comments!

And the turn he took ,made your poem look entirely in a different perspective. Its is the greatness of the poem, as much as the interpreter, that it can be painted with different paints and hue...without disturbing the basic instincts of the verse.

modern exile said...

@Sujoy Bhattacharjee:
Thanks Sujoy. Expect more? Well, I'm awaiting those accidental creative pangs!!

'Obnoxious odours do last as much as ethereal fragrances'and how we dread them. They INSPIRE, but in a completely different context, altogether ;)

Your wish did work. The shoot was better than expected.

@Little Girl Lost:
Thanks amritorupa. Same feelings here. Will be in touch.
take care:)

@still thinking!!!:
Yes, Atanu did it again. He even speaks poetry and you made it concrete.
credit goes to you as well.

atanu nath said...

@still thinking...

I din't notice what I wrote... but its u who has made it to appear worthy... its ur vision... its ur vision of poetry I supose...not my poetry...its a proof that the world appears to a poet a poetry... doesn't matter who writes...!!!

still thinking !!! said...

Poetry is not writen,it already there Atanu

"let it be..
let it be..
as long as we can... "

were my fav lines

It hurts
cuts deep

ShantanuDas said...
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ShantanuDas said...
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