28 March 2009

14 after-thought(s):

still thinking !!! said...

coz some shine and some dont..
untill then shine on,you crazy daimond

L said...

dont forget ...smells....smells affect us the most I think......

modern exile said...

@still thinking!!!:

thats a good way to look at it..


I used to have a blog friend "L" whom I still do miss. I wonder if its you. But anyways, yes, SMELLS, how could I've forgotten!!
Thanks for the visit

And for my fiend "L": wherever you happen to be, be happy.

L said...

Yes. Sorry! I just removed that blog since I decided that dwelling on what is not happy, just makes you less happy...sort of cyclic. So now just have one blog on teaching (my job) and a private family blog to keep in touch with numerous cousins.
But very pleased that you followed my old blog....
I follow yours regularly, and through you, the lovely photos on shantanu's blog. So thanks!

L said...

I discovered google lets you undelete a blog. So have undeleted my old blog and put up an edited version.

ShantanuDas said...

I am like the second one.. you will never notice I am there...

Hey by the way do please give a critical judgement on my portfolio post.. I wish I knew how to make it appear TOTALLY professional like those you see.. the ugly duckling models looking simply fabulous! I mean it is also on the model i guess.. how he or she looks or uses the eyes to look at the camera.. and so on... but my part i mean.. how to do my part best.. what do you think? any ideas?

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

It is the time of the year isn't it?
Blues all around.
But frankly, it has never been about people, it is about relationships. People remain the same, relationships change.

Nice change.

modern exile said...

It's so good to have you back. Have got the earlier blog restored here too. Will miss your earlier blog but even 'midway' won't be a bad ersatz. teaching runs in the family so...I wont say anything more.

I saw the photos, and well I'm no expert to give comment here. Not my area of specialisation and yes, a lot depends on the model too. Photgraphy is your forte, and you'd have been doing a good job, all will agree. Keep it up!!

yup, that time of the season again, blues, blues and more blues. You have given a nice hindsight, its relationship that furthers this change not the people themselves.
As for the change
"Change is the only constant" and mine was in dire need of one.

ShantanuDas said...

hmmm thanks still

well.. i cannot help adding this time.. relationships change because the mind changes........ [I have skipped all secy changes straight to the thing that changes in people at the primary level]

modern exile said...

relationships... have got such varied meanings.. at different levels I mean..

ShantanuDas said...

i know! :-0)
You are tlking to an expert! LOL!

I had my relationship blog once before if you care to read later. Check the Archive list on the side pane

and specifically this post here

You may find me a pastmaster at relationships.. i have seen too much so far.. naturally like you and I once agreed not many things can be shared openly here.. right??

:-) hehe

ShantanuDas said...

which is the best love

.L.O.S.T said...

perhaps because sometimes we love someone so much that we forget to keep some for ourselves. That's the bitter pleasure of self-sacrifice

modern exile said...

hmmm... 'we do forget to keep some for ourselves' but I wonder if it's wise.
Thanks for the visit L.O.S.T.