26 March 2009

11 after-thought(s):

still thinking !!! said...


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Just got to know about it, apparently a part of the neighbour's scaffolding demolished a few of dad's precious flower pots.
You are a storm-catcher are you?

still thinking !!! said...

my fav,the fourth one..worth mentioning that the first three has been a great observation...have to agree with Sujoy ..."the Storm- Catcher"

rauf said...

How quickly it changes from beauty to fury. i really appreciate your patience, you've caught the transition so well. which part of India is this ? though looks like Kerala, must be east coast.

if you don't mind (i am a loud mouth)
let me make a couple of suggestions.
This template does not suit your good pictures, makes them dull. And readers hardly click on the pictures to view larger size.
You can post larger pictures (600 x 800 or 768 x 1024) if you upload them either in flikr or photo bucket, picasa does the job as well, not sure.
i am scratching my head, what am i saying ?
oh yes, your pictures deserve better treatment and a better house
i tol ya i am a loud mouth

modern exile said...

@still thinking!!!:
ha.. well...

Hey!! Feel bad about your Papa's rooftop garden. Those flowers got my evil eye, I guess.
Storm-catcher... fancy name!!


Rauf, this is no Kerala, actually somewhere diagonally upwards. Northeast India to be precise.

ha.. the template, to tell you the truth, even I don't like it but then again I don't know the means and the ways to create something which will reflect the mood (or whatever) of my blog and I'm an amatuer even when it comes to blogging. Everything arranged here is a make-shift effort. I am thinking of paying it some more time(thus giving it better treatment) but then I get stuck doing something else.
Thanks for the suggestions, am thinking of uploading my next photos in Picasa.

And as for you being a loud mouth,
well, I can give you a tough competition. Hail from the same group.

Thanks for the visit.

atanu nath said...

I don't need to tell more... I'll just say... you are lucky... n I'm jealous to... here in kolkata we are thirsty... not even a single drop is falling from the sky... the whole land is crying for a drop... and for something more my heart is also crying somewhere with the soil... every day I wish... oh rain... please let me have a shower... obviously it doesn't work...
these pictures are fatally beautiful... I can feel the moment that u captured those... I used to run spreading my hand... in those moments I used to... and I used to open my umbrella and let it fly away... and ran before that... the sliding of the umbrellas over the street used give us enormous pleasure... and also watching the paper boat floating across the pond.. in wind... exactly in such moments... that u've captured...
I started saying... I'll not say anything... and ended up with a boring para... but still... I've lot to say... without a speech...

modern exile said...

Atanu, so at last I'd the privilege of your esteemed comment on my post.. what luck!!
Jokes apart, yes I'd been lucky and I'm happy to see that I'd been able to make you envious:)
but seriously, I can never let some things go.. like the rains and storms and.. the paper boats... well..
Will pray for the rains to bless the Kolkatan soil.

Tanaya said...

Hey m envious too!!!!It never storms in Bangalore...I miss my Silchar.

Nice pictures....the wrath of sky, nicely captured..Ya U r a storm- catcher indeed!!!!!

L said...

Can feel the storm coming up looking at your pictures.
Sorry I removed the blog you had been reading...have decided to focus on practical aspects for now....less depressing.

ShantanuDas said...

Good Catch!!!

modern exile said...

Thanks tanaya di. It was quite a sttorm, I tell you. Am thinking of changing the blog name to "storm-catcher" kind f like it :)

Hey!You dont need to say sorry and anyways you've midway so wont be missing 'lifeslikethat'that much, hopefully. I could relate to the philosophy your earlier blog use to exude and the way you use to bring it forth. Good to have you back.

Thanks, Shantanu