20 July 2008

welcome note

So finally after a lot of thought i've opened my own blog. i wonder why i was so keen on going for it. to answer my own query, i guess just to feed my writing obsession. no wisdom is going to be spread and well who cares i'll write thats why i'm here.

Just finished reading Chetan Bhagat's "The 3 Mistakes of My Life". Read him for the first time. i know there would be many who would find this weird as more than half of the country has read him(some over and over again). I waited for the perfect time. Now don't ask me which is the perfect time, and why. I have thus been able to understand why the youth goes ga-ga over him: he can reflect their voice so well. I know (as Chetan himself confesses) that he is no litterateur but what sets him apart, I think, is that he is so accessible and wise and his writing is bereft of any kind of preachiness though it does touch on some very serious points.

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still thinking !!! said...

I met C Bhagat in crossword kolkata,I was working as a boy who helped selling western music in that book store.That was how I wanted to live my childhood dream lol :).His name reminds me of those days.HE was there for the book release 5.someone ..never read him though