8 August 2008


On the July 31st we arranged the “Farewell Party” in honour of our seniors. The two complete days before 31st just whisked away in its preparation – the gifts, the confettis, the music, the fan-fare, the speech… we were planning a huge function (compared to our degree). We wanted it to be a memorable day for all of us, particularly for our seniors.
Its unbelievable how time changes everything - forms relations, introduces new people in our lives, makes us come together and then snatches everything away…everything comes tagged with an expiry date. I don’t mean that relationships end but they do get snagged. These days the social networking sites do help in lessening this bridge though. And moreover in this age we need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, all the time…. enough of this.
But things were not to happen as planned (actually they never do). Unfortunately the wind of absence billow heavily and made most of our seniors unable to attend the function. So there were just 12 of them for us to bid adieu and the towards the end of the evening we were also accompanied by the grey storms, blowing all over the campus and it carried along with it the memories of our last day together, to keep it safe somewhere safe.I never expected it to happen, but it did make me feel emotional at the end of the day, I, at last was able to realize that I really did enjoy the company of a few of them…may be they felt the same way too, may be not…well, the great part is that the end of this evening also marked the beginning of a new day…everything is fresh again…. blame it on my inexhaustive optimistic streak…

2 after-thought(s):

Ayiriddhi said...

speaking of the farewell........... u know well why i could not be there..... sheer bad luck, i guess.... but then... this is life.....people make entries in your life and some take the exit door also..... for some days memories give you company and then they fade in some corner of your heart.... but you will surely find them if and when you need them......that i can assure you......

ShantanuDas said...

hmmm nobody special from the seniors whom you need not bid farewell? hmmm..


There are only 3 times in life that total change and thus a mental blockbuster happens..

1. When you leave college and walk into the world.
2. When you marry and walk out of the world.
3. When you retire and get lost...forever..

Only those who have silence within themselves get through all these untouched...That is called "Sounds of Silence"