8 August 2008


Our departmental newspaper will be published in a few days time…gosh!! We all seem to be stuck in a whirlpool too difficult to get through. Everyone is busy with their write-ups, editing it over an over again, preparing the notes, thinking over the headline and what not. Our teacher-in-charge is being made deaf with our constant calls. Hopefully, everything turns out well. Not all the stories will be published (there were some emotional out-burst in the lab today itself) but then again this is how thing goes. I am worried about my own story which seems to be bordering on a controversial and politically incorrect issue, but I had tried my best and if it does not work out I’ll be sad but this is just the beginning. I know I’m being very boring but this is how my life’s going on… I’m thinking about it all day long (I mean the few hours that I get after attending my sessions in the department). I am keeping my fingers crossed. Do pray for me or should you???

2 after-thought(s):

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Editing ewspapers, magazines and souvenirs are always a tough ask, especially at college. Bundles of submissions to choose from, add to that the confusion of whether you really want to omit the not-so-great write-up from one of your close mates.
Best of luck to you. I have had enough of it, thankfully.

ShantanuDas said...

Am too late to pray now.. but I was browsing through your posts to find that so far you have been adopting both of the first two methods -I had mentioned about blog writing.. ... the 3rd method is abstract -- it depends on the mind state :-))

Of course I had found one woman's day to day life blog post being highly read... she was from USA/ Canada.. I think.. will try to find the blog.. hers was highly read I think because it as meticulous in detail and gave a running commentary of a homely person at home... it made you feel good when you read... I am forgetting the URL..