11 November 2008


Just got back home today morning. Really, there is no place like home. Delhi has been a good experience. A mix-mash of the good, the bad and the ugly (ok! not that ugly). Will dedicate an entire blog only to it.

Coming back to ordinary life:
Have no good news to welcome me. Back to the same old routine. This time it's even more severe. Almost all the projects and assignments are untouched. I am scared. Real life always is.

Talking about other stuffs:

Had watched the premiere of the latest Bond Flick "Quantum of Solace" before leaving the capital. The magic that multiplex can create. Action took on a completely different meaning- High on thrills literally. Liked it. Anyways, have to re-agree that Daniel Craig is not that bad as a blonde Bond afterall.

2 after-thought(s):

L said...

Nice to see you are back on your blog.

ShantanuDas said...

Try to make it as a Tale ot two cities if you can... it would be interesting to read about Delhi from a person who has a flair for writing and who can also compare calcutta ....I am constantly dissecting the people, the city, the govt, the attitudes, the food, the ethos, the everything of Kolkata- my birth/growth place, Delhi my adopted place, Chennai my jail place and Mumbai my visitin place with some more comparisons with Bangalore and the other smaller cities.... not because it is my hobby but because I am thrown from one culture to another that I do feel the differences the hard way!!... Even going back to Kolkata and going about business at offices like the Banks the income tax offices etc too makes me feel the difference once again!!

Yeah no place like home.. and home is where love is...