16 March 2009


So, here I'm, once again with the snippets, paragraphs torn from my book of everyday life, the last post was in a hurry. My fingers were working on their own accord. Had been away from home last weekend. I went to the eco forest once again during that break (huh! Can't seem to get enough of it). The tranquility is just overwhelming, particularly when you once are so accustomed with the deafening noises all around you. the trip into the woods have only being a week that almost seems along ago, the freshness that these two days had brought along with it has already vanished.
This week we had our shoot, that too of the promotional video. Our choosen institution was a medical hospital. The walking that all seven of us had to do was an epic task in itself, I wonder how far we would have reached had we calculated the distance covered in meters , in the process witnessed the sunset after a long time.
It does not take too much time to be sad from being overtly ecstatic, I had learned it long way back but once again, I just had to re-realise it as I do every other moment.
A great weeekend to all.

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Anorak said...

"It does not take too much time to be sad from being overtly ecstatic".......how true!!!...keep walking!!!

still thinking !!! said...


ShantanuDas said...

hmm. yes true blabbering..!!
Thoughts and thoughts...
what was the last one again! hmm.. some mystery remains...the cause of the transition..

Eco forest? the one on the EM bypass?

Tomorrow I am going to shoot my first model - a boy who caught me to do his portfolio free.. [i mean i myself had welcomed people for free portfolios..to test myself in that line.] so tomorrow i too am going to shoot.. but different from yours though.. :-)

modern exile said...


@still thinking !!!:

The cause of the transition is never known, my friend, I wish I knew :)
The eco-forest of our University..
Best of luck with your Shoot.

ShantanuDas said...

ohh! So you suffer from the same disease that I have I guess... of course somewhere down the line, I do not remember when, but maybe due to influence of reading something somewhere I have come to believe that such transitions occur due to the lunar cycle - for me since I am a cancerian... cyclic bouts of depression and happiness..

Thanks! I have shot.. my first model shot.. with an ordinary person.. got to learn on my own.. will post my learnings on my blog soon.. i hv to learn a lot!!

rauf said...

oh its getting better, i don't understand eco forest, what is it ? My knowledge is very poor, though i have spent half my life in the trains and forests. i belong nowhere.

in 1947 the forest coverage was 40% now only 3% left. Wake up time.

How many sunrises sunsets we have seen in our lives ? not many.

yes it doesn't take much time. Ecstasy lasts just for a moment