11 March 2009

'Things happen that are like questions'

No matter how hard I try to get regular, I always fall short, I mean my regularity in posting.
Many drafts are still stagnant waiting to be edited and ultimately posted.
Had a good last weeek. Some glimpses:
In the backyard of our university (another forgotten corner), lies the eco-forest. Today my friend, J and I set out to 'explore'. She'd been to this forest many a time before, for me though it was a first. Our classes ended, so for some lone-time what better way than to go butterfly chasing? The forest is a heaven for butterflies, name them and you get to find them fluttering here. As J let me know , one of the the largest butterflies in Asia, the Southern Bird Wing, can also be found here. Since the decision to go there was sudden , of course, I was not prepared. Had a tough time threading the woods with my leather shoes and jhola bag. We were unable to go too deep but even that view was magnificient, the cool and tranquil essence that haunts woods, the delight that speaks even in its creepy silence, the sky looks so grand if you look at it sleeping on the stone bed, the lush green.... I can go on.
So, it was good to have the sands in my shoes and the dry wild flowers stuck in my unruly hair. We're tired but felt terrific and of course all the hours of walking without shoes (Yes, I took them of once I found out that they were a hindrance) did help- Had a sound sleep :I
Today, I was accompanied by some unusual company:
8 goats, 5 men- all of us cramped inside the backseat of a TATA Sumo.It was neither easy nor uneasy. But the bleating following a harmonic rhythm did not sound easy on the ears, that too at such close counter. This is nothing new for regular passengers of these vehicles. Like every where else, we need to adjust.
I came out without a scratch (mind you, it was almost an hour long journey) but the goats did have a tough time.
Two films were screened in the department: Slumdog Millionnaire and Fernando Mareilles' "City of God". Sir wanted us to compare the similarities in the narrative techniques , use of shots etc.
I personally liked both of them but "City of God' may be a few notch more. Have to say, Resul Pukutty deserved every bit of the Academy( for Slumdog Millionnaire), what with his amazing sound mixing which simply made watching this movie so memorable.

This Week's Screening:
I'm a film fanatic, so when it comes to films I won't be able to make a fast exit. Love our paper 402 (Film Appreciation). We are currently studing the La Nouvelle Vague( French New Wave) and to give a feel of the wave our Sir is going to make us watch Jean Luc Godard's phenomenal "A bout de Souffle" (Breathless).

Hopefully will be writing an 'almost review' soon. Till then a colourful Holi to everyone.

3 after-thought(s):

ShantanuDas said...

8 goats+5 men + I assume you are a woman+ driver is not counted usually in "men" so total 15 beings.. or ok.. mb u did count yourself as men and driver also included still 13! I wonder who sat on whose lap or back? Must have been a PC Sorkar Trick to arrange all these in a Tata Sumo -- did it remove the seats? nahh.. you have made my day miserable.. I am not able to rest without knowing how this can be managed!!!

modern exile said...

not only 15, I only meant the backseat.... you alos need to take into account the 8 passengers in the front seats. Thats more than magic... and don't worry , we manage fine.. this is an everyday event.. btw, I get to sit on the middle seat most of the times so no problem..

ShantanuDas said...

Wah!!! Wah!!
This is One Photo-OP YOU MUST undertake! And this can surely catch one's imagination!!

You must take a photo and post it here!!