13 June 2009

About Dying Lakes and Bored Being (and her unsensible mutterings)

Deepor beel(a Ramsar site), one of the largest freshwater lakes in Northeast India and the home for many threatened species of birds and rich flora and fauna has been on the topic of discussion among many environmental enthusiasts. For the generations of fisherman community, who have been dwelling in the villages in and around the beel and who are largely depended on the this wetland as their the major source of livelihood, the threat is felt most acutely.

No, I'm not going to write a report accounting how terrible things are gradually turning out to be (particularly concerning everything related with the environment). I'm just giving away my experience when one fine summer morning recently, I walked to the beel in the company of my dear friend K to see the wild expanse at an early hour. The decision was worth taking. The collage is composed of the very many pictures of the land and the lake captured by me.

The ride on the the boat swirling around the deep marshes and the wild grasses proliferating, along with the company of all the sounds that have become so unfamiliar here otherwise ( e.g the breezes, the splashing of the oars hitting the water surface, the birds and the insects still humming) and the scene:

The pelicans flying over head,
The farmers ploughing,

The goats and pigs busy with their business.

For some time everything was at a standstill. Frozen moments.

The oarsman had been very kind, he was just returning from his daily early morning (read:2 am) fish-hunts. On being asked about the birds and the lake over the years, all he said, "Things have changed, now there are so less birds here and the fishes, well.... The lake is shrinking."
The ride ended soon
As far as my life is concerned, things are pretty staid.

My days sum up with the variables thus mentioned below:
Varied music (have been getting my eardrums muffled with Simon & Garfunkel, Incubus, Travis, The Shins and Coldplay)
Empty everydays, (surfing is all I've been doing)
and occasional cinema (watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 8 1/2, a repeat of Bandidas and 27 Dresses)
The ultimate equation formed is not that satisfying .
The sudden and unpredictable rainy nights and the rearing long warm summer mornings are so not apt for feeling all spirited.

3 after-thought(s):

ShantanuDas said...

Et Tu Pelican? hmmm.. so you too saw pelicans!

N.E does have a lot of nature.. one day I hv to visit Kaziranga too! ..hmm I wonder.. how many places can one see in one lifetime!!

atanu nath said...

the seventh and the 8th one are classics... I had visited dipr bil... If m not wrong its near AEC... right? we were there in the other shore at night... u've captured it's spirit...

modern exile said...

muchos gracias