11 July 2009

The Song I'm in Love with

Some songs simply leave you asking for more.
I've listened to Agnee before, in fact, at present they are among very few of the Indian rock (or any category) bands in India whom I love to listen to but I don't know how I missed this one particular song. Got to hear it for the first time yesterday and, well, I've not been able to give my ears a rest. I hope anyone who happens to listen to this enjoys it as much as I have.
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9 after-thought(s):

rauf said...

very pleasant tune Sagorika. Brings a smile, brings early morning dreamy visuals in my head. Actually they have made a tune out of nothing. Very smart. it was playing in my head for the whole day, the day before. i don't like to put any music in any box. all in one box, unclassified, the ones i like, thats all. its music. What i carry with me is a 8GB mixture. After guns'n'roses comes Talat Mehmood, or guzra zamaana bachban ka - Mukesh, then some classical or jazz. i took lot of trouble collecting pictures of old singers which appear on the display when the song is played. Geeta Dutt was so lovely.
very small pictures. My friends laugh at me.

How you've been Sagorika ? Are the exam results out ? What are you doing next ? i see many young people from Bengal and Orissa working in AV studios here in Chennai.
Hope you are doing fine.

this wheel's on fire said...

i always love finding new music! thanks xox

extremity said...

a very nice song,melted in.hmm..thanks for sharing

still thinking !!! said...

I liked the songs u sent me....jus logged in to let you know that I have been reading your stuff time and again.

modern exile said...

It was the simplicity of the tune that did the trick, may be... It's always difficult to be easy. The music is still stuck in my head..
Unfortunately an i-pod is still on my wishlist.

I'm ok, Rauf. My results are out, I've topped. Will be moving to Delhi next.
Hope you are doing fine. Take care.

modern exile said...

@this wheel's on fire:
The pleasure is mine. Thats why music is called the universal language, you don't even have to understand the words to feel the beauty..the melody ah!! melody!!

Poornima said...

Thank u for letting me know such a wonderful song...i heard it for an entire day.


noni said...

a good composition..with Indian classical interlude..wonderful lyrics..thx for sharing.

a nice blog..reading pleasure

modern exile said...

Thanks for liking the blog. It's getting sleepier with each passing day but definitely will rise.
I love this song