2 July 2010

Drift Wind, Drift, Through the Hypothetical Windows

... and the window opened suddenly, letting a strong gust of violent winds. Winds, they have a magical something attributed to them, just like the rains and the dews, the sun and the moon.

But this was not what the post was intended for. The post was intended for nothing. Nothing, like something, happens all the time. No overt musings this time, nor any more of vague after trails, foreground, background. Just words, plain and simple. Exuding whatever they have been meant to exude, but can things be so transparent and harsh? So direct and straight?

Certain Things:
Wheel: The mouse had been revolving inside.
Who knows?
Learning to balance, perhaps.
Perhaps, to fight that old giddiness. Growing old for sure.
Treating treats to truths,
Lugubrious laments,
Ecstatic melodies, like musical notes flying in ephemeral space unable to be trapped. They transpire, they escape- escapist ecstasy. The words seem entwined.

Photo Frames: They forever haunt the corners of homes, to imbibe nostalghia or simply as reminders or as mementos, perhaps. Frames.

The sky at night is always a delight to watch, expanded, all space, empty (sometimes), sad (depending).

Is happiness a butterfly - elusive, flighty, too independent? Or am I being simply too drugged?

Everyone is effusively enchanted by this thing called life. The too much of it, the too less of it. The too chaotic part of it, the unsteady part of it, the uncertain part of it - A river flowing but one which has a changeable route. I have an aversion for strange pink, as if any one cares to know.

Do you want to know what the wind and the suddenly opened window brought in?
Leaves of grass, yellow dried flowers, a certain uncertain coolness, a whiff of a forgotten calamity that the wind had encountered on its way. Frisky odour of misadventure. Tattered pages of someone's old journal written in a beautiful hand. And it was not immediately followed by rains. The things the wind brought, remain the same.

And through a different window, you can see an -
... 'iron man'. With practically no roof over his head. He irons crumpled clothes, day in and day out. (Don't we all wish we could just crease off the very avoidable plications) And he just occupies a very insignificant space in the already insignificant world. Day in and day out, come wind or shine or absolute blasphemous heat and torrential rains. Ironing with the coals and the ancient equipment that requires no electricity. He is a forgotten being or almost. He can be a Saviour at the most needful hour. Like providing few matchsticks at dire times to forgetful beings. This is for him. The wind brings him nothing, definitely nothing too sentimental and of value. He simply leaves the corner to be under the tree when stuck with one of those dust currents.

The clothes have been hung on the rooftop ever since, fighting all the wind, storms, lightning.

Photo Source Keith Levit

6 after-thought(s):

still thinking said...

how i love it :)

rauf said...

The font is too small Sagorika, i could barely copy your spelling.
i make mistakes even in copy paste.
that is my intelligence.

Happiness is not a butterfly, butterfly is a butterfly.

Windows are not hypothetical(i copied your spelling) they are in your head, i mean the windows. Its up to you to keep them open. Along with the breeze you get noise and dust. Keeping the windows open or closed ??? i don't mind the dust and the noise really.

You are not the only one drugged, we all are under some intoxication which wears off when suddenly confronted with harsh reality. God is a drug. Useful drug, promises something pleasant, keeps away the thought of death for a while, makes you live today.

show me some curtains
for door or windows ?
for my computer screen
computers don't need curtains
i have windows you dummy

modern exile said...

@still thinking: Do you?
The roadside ramblings of 'trivial beings' :)

modern exile said...

Sorry Rauf, for the font that is. Was not deliberate. I see less too. No, it was actually deliberate. Whatever.

Your 'intelligence' baffles me, seriously :). What with the wisdom-hating thing.

Ok. You say butterfly is a butterfly. What is a butterfly, what does it stand for? I'm too corrupted to understand this.

"Windows are not hypothetical(i copied your spelling) they are in your head"
Exactly... that was the point.
No, No. Rauf, open, wide open it is. Enjoying all and everything that it can grasp. Never mind the dust etc etc.

God is s drug? Is he/she? Yes, on second thoughts, may be he/she is. And sometimes, even drugs fail to work for even the hypochondriacs.

Curtains... eh!
Skipped, skipped my-necessities-list.

I think I missed the joke out here.

rauf said...

oh Sagoreeks, the joke was Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP Windows Vista Windows 7

After years of research i came to a conclusion that God is Bill Gates. First comes Abraham's religion, ten David Solomon ?? Not sure, Moses, Then comes Jesus and Windows 7 Muhammad. All carried messages from same God and they all have crash problems.

Have you ever heard a priest saying 'God is testing you my child ??' When people complain about their problems ? i think Gos is also an owner of a clinical lab. He has been testing people for thousands of years and no report as yet.

i am wrong and you are right Sagoreeks. You feel happy to see a butterfly. Butterfly is indeed happiness. Thank you.

i am still allergic to intelligence and wisdom and along the way i have picked up few more allergies. Its so nice to be silly and stupid.

destinednomad said...

wow! and when the music came, it made me feel like the clothes were being blown by the wind... powerful!