27 January 2011

De Este Modo

It was a cold Winter night, Ibrahim was engrossed in his after dark hours introspection inside the tranquility of his one room apartment. Life is one amazing 'jack-in-the-box', he finally inferred. Sigh.

The kettle was whistling meanwhile. He walks towards it, turns the knob, prepares a cup of black tea. There are grand pleasures in small deeds. Ibrahim then walks towards his balcony for his everyday surveillance of the night sky. The tethering bonds suffocate him. It's only during this hour that he feels completely untangled, being alone in the overpowering lightness of the night. He awaits tomorrow once again.

...to be contd.

2 after-thought(s):

Goirick B said...

i'll wait

SANDIPAN said...

with each post u seem to be raising urself higher....

how distant are u? cud not resist asking....dont mind