30 September 2013

The Aberrant's Wish

The rains lashed - sudden and unpredictable. Erratic and unsolemn. Ibrahim's fragile and fresh one and a half month old seedling of basil has been braving the unannounced changes in the weather with much aplomb. Such is life for everyone - to struggle incessantly against unpredicted odds. He laughs off the accidental irony of his circular thoughts. After eons, he sat down to think aloud. Reflecting on the changes that his life meanwhile underwent. Effusive changes just like the ones which his favourite company of the moment, the basil, endured. How short-lived the months that had gone by felt like! After that day among the bougainvillea, the direction of his wayward life had taken further surprising turns. Which ultimately resulted him in moving into three different living spaces, adjusting to diverse environments and situations and succumbing to various sets of routines. 

The incondite sentences that he was pouring generously into his invisible journal failed to keep up with his prolificness. They finally evaporated into tittling nothingness.

.... to be contd.

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