10 December 2013

The Yellow Window

Suddenly Ibrahim's eyes notice the glass-walled lone room inside that crowded house full of people and children. Strangely, the room was left undisturbed by all the chaos around it. Through the glass wall he could clearly see the deep blue of the sea against the yellow of the large Russian carved window frame and the waviness of the splashing water, contoured by the deep green leaves of the large Mahua tree.  Ibrahim at that moment was unsure whether he was dreaming. The noise around him suddenly became inaudible, he moved cautiously towards the enticing window lest he might wake up from his reverie. The room, he noticed only then, was some kind of a drawing room, small and lowly lit and perhaps thus lonely. He left the cake he was carrying on the centre table and sat by the window taking in the exquisiteness of the place and the calmness of the room accessorised by the sounds of the wave and the whispers of the leaves. He tried to look out of the window when to his further amazement he saw numerous fishes swimming on the very edge of the sea. He wanted to go out immediately to feel the air. For the time being, he opened the glass window and let himself sink into the tumultuous emotions that the sea let erupt inside him, bursting forth with all energy and making him come alive. 

...to be contd

Photo CourtesyCelarain-Lighthouse-Cozumel-Mexico at www.allposters.com

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