15 September 2008

A Shoot, the Bower and the Fever

A week back we started shooting our news story. The heat was at its overpowering best. We are a group of three. This being our first tryst with the camera, we were delighted like anything. (Amateurs!!) During our research we had already talked to most of the clay artisans – Satyaban Da, Rakesh Da, they were supposed to give our SOTs. Unfortunately that day both of them were in the town (Silcoorie is a village). So there was no way of getting the sound bites. In the stroke of afternoon, with the blaring sun overhead, it was exasperating. One who has never been exposed to this amount of heat in this part of the country will not be able to realize the brutal truth of the statement. It was hot as hell. To make matters worse, in the rush we forgot to take shelter of our umbrellas. Out of thirst, we took resort to chilled cold drinks. A 7up was like blessing in that scorching heat.
That day’s shooting being over, we were looking for a place to plan and chat. We moved in a clearing nearby- a perfect bower- sheltered by the trees, numerous magpies pecking at the twigs, the coo cooing of the birds and that cool breeze. For sometime we forgot everything and got ourselves immersed in the mood. The afternoon thus passed by. Ultimately reality checked in, we had to go home. The sumo had to be availed. So, we got on with all the good thoughts, thinking about the type of shots we will be taking, the PTC we will be using and what not. I just then realized that my skin was burning. I could feel that something was wrong with me.

Before night descended I was in a terrible state. My nose was dripping, I looked dreadful and my forehead was red hot.

It was so embarrassing to think that I took to my bed after my first shoot ever. I had miles to go. How could I even let myself be down with the first step??

I was confined to the bed the next day. Thus I lost one day of shoot. The camera was lying dormant, so unuseful.
I don’t know if this was a good sign. But I definitely hope that this was the last. But one can never be sure of anything in this unpredictability called life, can we??

3 after-thought(s):

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

You write well. Perhaps you should chuck the camera in favour of the pen. But then without having a look at you work with the camera it would be a hasty judgment.

modern exile said...

thanks sujoy...i aspire to balance both the pen and the camera...greedy....can't help it...

ShantanuDas said...

Running Nose or not.... camera and writing both can go hand in hand... and going by my datamining of your site.. if I have guessed it rightly... through your posts.. that you are in film college... learning to shoot documentaries etc for now.. [and who knows where from there!!! hmmm]]... I think what you have is an artist's mind-- not yet fully developed... but promises to be... just neeed to let go.. let go your mind.. and see through the mind's eye and write.. when you see through the mind's eye.. camera becomes only an extension (I wish to do it too ..so far not been able since my mind is closed sometimes) and converting the feelings of what u see through the mind's eye into words.. that is what takes to do what you are learning to do.