20 September 2008

The Storm is Over

No one was even able to guess but the storm had come and already gone.
Few days and nights of incessant disturbances have finally made me realize the utter futility of certain overpowering emotions. It has made me see the reality (and it bites).
The mirage always eludes us and we are befooled.

We dream of something else but get back the ashes of something else.
Our desires at the start make us see so much hallucinations as if we’re on a high.
And life makes you fall with a THUD.
You falter, you fall down, you come to terms with the truth of life.
But the biggest discovery is still – “Life doesn’t wait. It moves on (and these days, with the speed of light)."
You don’t even get time to muse over the burnt ashes. It flies off.
Some people stay confused at the crossroads, while some move on.
We have to, otherwise who will live this life- this is the only one we have.

Sometime I go over my own writings and wonder at the stupid philosophy that reigns over it. I wonder who will care to know about the bleak outlook of a certain nobody. Depressing writings will never move anyone to read them over again. But I repeat the mistake. Old habits die hard.

But I’m compelled to write because it helps in giving ventilation to all this rotten spirit. I feel alive releasing the dreary part of me.

You read about blasts in the newspaper. See all the ugliness in the T.V channels,
While there are volcanoes erupting inside your heart whose walls are again full of hieroglyphics that you fail to decipher.
Strange, sublime emotions make you take a serious turn in the emotional spectrum- you are bruised, you abuse, you make do.
And desperately find ways to let go of that imprisoned soul inside you.
That dark shadow that knots your heart and suffocate you and make your heart scream for more oxygen.

But in the world outside:
You see kids smiling at you without any reason,
You find butterfly roaming freely with all independence,
You find strangers being nice to you (they are not required to),
You discover a forgotten raindrop glistening in the morning sun.

Things fall back in place
And all the grey areas get lighted.

You are free again because the storm is over.

2 after-thought(s):

still thinking !!! said...

I got a situation in here !!!
It’s not stormy in here at all
just been drizzling
all day long

ShantanuDas said...

"I wonder who will care to know about the bleak outlook of a certain nobody".. well as you can see.. here am I going through all your posts on a Sunday afternoon!... and there are others like Sujoy and your friends...

And you also know the best writings are those that have tragedy in it.. soooooooo you see...

I also feel that when you make friends through tragedy it is more longlasting and more rewarding .. than with the birds of Spring...

And writing is the best medicine for those who have a mind.. to get over one's own falls and thuds!!

By the time you finish writing of the storm.. rainbows start appearing...