29 September 2008


Today is Mahalaya. The day when the mother goddess Durga descends on earth.
This time I was already left untouched by the aura of the pujas. But the soggy and wet beginning marred the spirit which I thought the early hours chanting of :
"Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu
Nidraa Roopena Samsthita
Namastasai Namastasai Namastasyai Namo Namaha..."
would liven.
Its still raining. It's 8.33am (IST).
May be it was Her plan.
For most of the believers, a stroll in the Mahalaya morning ushers in the wellness of the succeeding pujas. This time the start has been such drippy as if the sunny side will never rise.
May be it signifies the rejuvenation of the inner numbness.

May the rains wash away all the lifeless remains in the air starting from the Mahalaya day itself...

9 after-thought(s):

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Do yo really believe in what you wrote?
The entire setup just serves to feed the rich man's ego.
Sorry I am in a foul mood.

modern exile said...

i really did not understand you???
whats wrong??
i wrote what i felt... i don't see it harnessing a "Rich man's ego".. no i'm not the type to do that..
whatever you mean...

still thinking !!! said...

lol good going Sujoy :)

still thinking !!! said...

you do have a nice sense of rhythm and paint colours vividly
..where did you learn all this from staying in silchar?
Leaves you with a Spell
Sadly I cant spell

still thinking !!! said...

And yes I want to hurt a rich men so what? even Sujoy wants i know..Seems only you don't lol

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Didn't mean anything personal....excuses.
Just the after taste of my not-too-great-experience with a certain Puja committee.
Asked them (on a Mahalaya day) to donate 20% of their funds for a social cause. The incredulous looks on their faces said it all.

A blatant display of personal affluence by obnoxious,pseudo-religious people....that is what the Pujas these days are all about.Pity!

still thinking !!! said...

Nice one
I knew there was a common thread running across three of us..A commoner connection may be ?lol
I love being a commoner
nice to discover it within you two too :)

modern exile said...

its a pity really... should see some of the things that some of the local puja committees carry out in the name of puja these days.. some of them stop all the passing vehicles and virtually DEMAND for "chanda"...

puja has lost its earlier relevance- to me at least... but then something is in the air or am i just too Romantic?? may be

ShantanuDas said...

haha!! Sujoy is at his game here too.. ehh...!! sharp comments always...

Nahh.. what Pujas...! unless u r in Calcutta [or bengal] or at lest have a yearly motive to go back to calcutta at this time...no mood gets created .... elsewhere.. all the feeling that is in the air is only in calcutta... it gets created by the long drawn holidays.. which we bengalis are habiutated in [consider Gujarat.. they told in star news yesterday.. never a bandh affected any industry in last 5 yrs! and in calcutta at least 6 extra holidays per yr due to bandhs every year!! haha TATA ta-ta nano no-no!! Good Job!! somehow mamta banerjee has made me feel bad of myself as a bengali... when I see even TAMILNADU having more industries!!! in spite of us being more intelligent as we say !!!]

all other major cities do have durga puja.. but they are different fromn Calcutta pUJAS.. u will know what I mean if u see them from close...

As for chanda? NAHH.. they used to stop cars in 1980s also.. in the countryside of Bengal...maybe not in calcutta which they are doing now...

Bengalis are happy with Durga Puja while Bengal recedes and keeps receding in development areas!! LOL!!