22 March 2009

Carousels and Lost Bubbles

Glimpses of Gandhi Mela

Carousel... do they make you dizzy??

The scariest ghost ever.. awe! :D
I go around the Merry-go round

"My Father, the Hero"

Uh..mmm.. Finger Licking Good!!!

Lost Bubbles

Multi-coloured Snacks
Those Glass delights

Cotton candies
The Man to whom it is Dedicated


Watched "Nacho Libre" for a second time and like the first time, loved and enjoyed it. Jack Black is one irresistible funny man. Also watched Julie Taymor's "Across the Universe". Liked it in bits and pieces. Had the feeling that it had one song too many. But it was good to listen to some of the favourites from The Beatles after a long time.

13 after-thought(s):

Tanaya said...

U know wat....i have tears in my eyes..how i miss these all!! Thanks for posting the pics..thanks :)

still thinking !!! said...

likewise....thanks for the splash of nostalgia....:)

modern exile said...


@still thinking!!!:

the pleasure is all mine

still thinking !!! said...

love the way you click you first picture.....give me a feeling of hights and i love it :) I also love they way you captured variety of coloured "dalmut".Can u send me some...

still thinking !!! said...

There was certain something in that name "Carousels and Lost Bubbles"
aaah.it hurts
Something that faded away.... slowly but surely
The Innocence? …
The thrill ,the enthusiasm and importance it had?
Tears we shed,
The anger, frustration, and rebel we experienced when told “no one is going to take you to the Mela, its exam times”

thiking of writing something on "lost bubbles"..... might use your picture :) with rights(dont worry)..you know I have become copy rights savvy this days :)

still thinking !!! said...

I love "MOSALA" pop corn lol

hahahahahahah...love the way the define MO-SALA
and whats that "Bhutta pop corn"
I mean can you think of a pop corn without Bhutta ? :) :)

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Do they still bring in those poor, exploited souls who would eat just about everything from tube-lights to cardboard pieces.
Nice pics these.
Nacho Libre...the monk who became a wrestler!!! Jack Black has made better movies. School of Rock being my favourite.

ShantanuDas said...

I am afraid of heights!! I know because I rode one of these - different version.. the electric nagordola at Santiniketan Pous Mela long ago.. and swooned when the wheel came down every time -- me free falling everytime !

but do not tell this to anyone!!

modern exile said...

@ Sujoy:

No, 'those poor souls' do not bring in any audience, hence they are not part of the fair anymore.

'School of Rock' no doubt is one of his best. One of my favorites as well. :)


Free falling.. is a wonderful feeling...
gravity brings everything down so...

modern exile said...

@ still thinking!!!:

You know what, something has really faded, may be its not the fair itself but something in us. Similar feelings here too: Exams during Mela time use to bring in those emotions..anger, frustration and the like ..

still thinking !!! said...

Sujoy try and get hold of the movie "Pick of destiny" Jack Black

rauf said...

i tried to sing 'across the universe' from past 30 years, i go out of breath, i smoke, its fine if you hate me.

i think you are pretty casual in picture taking. Good attitude, i don't like talking about my pictures eeder. they are just pictures. The picture of eats (masala) shows that you have a good sense of composition.
Please take it a bit more seriously

Dedicated to Ben kingsley ??

modern exile said...


"jai guru deva om..
nothings gonna change my world.."
I try..

Another smoker I come across, nothing unusual, my papa being the first smoker (and he'll put a chimney to shame)

Yes, I've a casual approach. An amateur but eager to learn and amend my mistakes and thus open to suggestions.

Dedicated to Ben Kingsley??
No, no, no reference to his wig