18 April 2009

A Song Recollected in the Early Morning

No, I was definitely not going to write it down here. But then ..

Few years back, I watched Bernando Bertolucci's 'Stealing Beauty' and I fell in love with Tuscany forever, making it part of my 'List-of-places-I've-to-go-before-I-die'. After 15 years of self imposed exile, Bernardo Bertolucci set his foot in Italy with this movie and he succeeded in making Italy so visually captivating and full of brilliance. The film is extremely well shot. But I don't plan to write a review. It is definitely among one of the most goodlooking films ever watched by me.

Today morning I woke up to find this song playing inside my head. It was included in the film soundtrack. Another song that was part of the OST was 'Glory Box" by Portishead. Loved it. It went very well with the entire feel of the film.

This sudden song revived the spendour of Tuscany that the film brought forth so excellently, Ah!! The dreamy mirage haunting you, inviting you.

P.S: Watched a number of films after a break.

1) Spirit of the Beehive (after a friend's recommendation)

2)It's a Boy/Girl Thing (part of the regulars)

3)Pulp Fiction (Ah! Tarantino and his wicked, exaggerated but stylised portrayal of everything violent)

4)The Four Hundred Blows. (Truffaut's Masterpiece)

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atanu nath said...

Stealing Beauty... I forgot to mention u ... was a beautiful film... and oh... thanks You've ultimately watched..."El espíritu de la colmena"... now I can talk about it with you... I'm also waiting for Goirick da too.... I need you to write something about it... provided if it was really touching to u at all...

rauf said...

Sagorika, i am sorry i am completely blank here. Never even heard of the film. lost interest. Vittorio Storaro was behind the camera in most of his movies, but this was done by Darius Khondji, Iranian Cinematographer, just checked up. Do you remember David Fincher's Seven ? That was done by Darius Khondji too.
Vittorio Storaro takes 20 days to shoot a 2 minute scene at sunset.
Darius Khondji is a low light expert, minimum possible, like Panic room. he actually completed the movie after Conrad Hall died.

We watch movies with different perspective. i saw Apocalypse Now only for Storaro's camera work and did not even notice Brando. i remember 'gone with the wind' We all went to see the colour and missed the entire movie.

i normally wake up with a song in my head, it pops up with no reason and plays right through the day.

live tyler ? why liv tyler ? was she good in the movie ?

rauf said...

Sagorika please don't miss recent 'Doubt' for some exceptional camera work and lighting by Roger Deakins

modern exile said...

wasn't it a beauty? it was like a moving painting...
And thank you for introducing a cinema like "El espíritu de la colmena"
you know what, the film kind of reflects you.. Wonder!! the scarce use of words (in the film) leading to the creation of the meaning... and it is vague, just like you. I've written something but you'll lol if you happened to read it...

"Seven" eh!!!
who can forget that!!!
the seven deadly sins could never have been that dark..
almost became a Fincher fan. Panic Room somehow fell short..
unfortunately have not yet watched Coppola's "Apocalyse Now" heard a lot though..
Liv Tyler looked radiant. She added up to the aesthetic appeal of the film.
"Doubt" starring Meryl Streep??
will try to get hold of it??

modern exile said...

you missed it!! no wonder.. it was among one of his least known works.. I won't say anything about the film but the fact is that its so aesthetically appealing... beautiful is the right word to use..

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Never was really a fan of Bertolucci....but Liv Tyler, Tarantino and Truffaut together is just my idea of an ideal post.
(Where the hell is my Third Encounters CD?)

Anorak said...

Have seen 'pulp fiction', downloading 'Spirit of beehive'....sob bhulegechi janish....film making course r somoy onek interest nitam....ekhon aar kichu mone nei....reading ur post...i did a little brush up of that....anyways keep walking!!!

modern exile said...


The 'T' Triad!!! I see...
Can't call myself a Bertolucci fan either.. this has been the one and only, but it sure is beautiful.

Film appreciation'er paper amar sobcheye priyo hoye dariyeche.. jaantam ta hobe..

koto kichu ar dekhar baaki... shikar baaki.. kokhon je korbo..
koto koikichu korar dada..dekha jak..koto dur jawa jai.. hathchi..

still thinking !!! said...
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rauf said...

it was a visual treat, thank you

modern exile said...