1 May 2009

Summer Rain

The feel of the first droplets of summer rain.. Ah!!

The smell of wet earth and green grasses...

This is one of my all-time favourite songs that I also love to sing outloud. (Yes, did that last night on the rooftop with the accompaniment of the cool breezes)

(To quote Marquez: "Those who do not sing can never understand the magic of singing.")

Love the flute and adore Mohit's enchanting voice.

It also bring backs a host of fond memories.

Rainy days are making me recall a host of other related writings, like this haiku by Matsuo Basho


Silkworm droop

On mulberries"


There are not too many people who read my (at times) sad, random writings. But to let them know( if they care to), I'm having my exams which actually kicks off on 5 of this month and hence the 'no-post', 'no-read' state have been continuing for sometime and will perhaps continue until and unless I'm bound to share the inevitable.


Films waiting to be watched: Inarritu's "Amores Perros" and Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep". Can't wait for the exams to get over.

I have not been able to follow the few blogs that I do go through regularly. I hate this.

20 after-thought(s):

ShantanuDas said...

Lucky you. Here it is damn hot,, all poetry vaporised!!

In case you are one who likes to do social service sometimes

atanu nath said...

I love this song too... and yeah Garcia I hope won't me mad at me!!
You are talking about rains... you don't know what rain was for me... This city is becoming intolerable... haven't seen a single drop... for so long..!! everything is burning... burning like fire... !! Those "kash ful"...of my institute... they are burnt out now... grasses are brown... !! Every morning... I see the sky is black... and every sign is for the coming rain... but still I don't get the mind of this city... this place is too complex...!! It doesn't rain after all... last night... you know I dreamt... of being drenched in a heavy shower... in front of my quarter... and then it was so disappointing to see that bloody face of the burning sun!!!
You are too lucky... I want to come home... I really really want to come home!!

ps: best of luck for your exams... I was a bit angry... that u r not visiting my blog... !! I din't know bout ur exams...!!

Quirky Mon said...

fabulous song, good words, talks of rain...loved the post. All the best for your exams. :)

L said...

All the best for your exams.

Tanaya said...

Ya I know that yr exams are at the door..back home my siblings are also busy going 'around the syllabus in 7 days"........do well..best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

aami jantam tor porikha cholche je...tai bujechi that u won't visit or write blogs for the next 15-20 days.... anyways bhalo lageche sune j bristi hoche silchare ... ekhane puriye felche ...aaj kintu ektu magla chilo...khanikta bristio hoyechilo....but just khanikta...mon bhorar moto na .... jodio mon to kokhono bhore na....
...bst of luck .... keep walking!!!

rauf said...

some movie scenes are etched in my mind, one of them is the accident shot in Amores perros, forgot the rest. It was a bit harsh for me Sagorika. Not many movies now as i prefer some good cinematography and visual beauty. Wish i could send you 'Girl with a pearl earring' every frame is a painting, like Dr. Zhivago

Waiting for some rain here, but the rain does not bring any 'saugandh' fragrance of wet earth in a city. i normally go to Wynad Kerala or to my home forest in karnataka to get the first drops of rain on my body
Hope you are doing fine Sagorika.

still thinking !!! said...

"lost in a roman wilderness of pain
and all the children are insane
and all the children are insane
waiting for the summer rain"
-Jim Morrison

Summer rain,
What a lovely name
The name is a metaphor in itself
Aint no hipsters ‘Howling’
Aint no poems to sing
Aint no summer of love
Aint no summer rain

Aint no people who seek pain
Aint no rich seeking poverty insane

The earth is burning
But the sky aint crying
We’re but turning
walking ,floating ,drifting

Atanu was saying me..manusher shonge shonge prithibi o bodle geche

Little Girl Lost said...

i loved the haiku... it was charming... when are you coming back?

Anonymous said...

I suppose ur exams are finished now!! where are you?

modern exile said...

yup! ain't I!!

modern exile said...

@Quirky Mon:
Welcome Quirky Mon!!
Thanks for ur wishes. The exams went well. Well, loved your blog name "Quirky Alone and Happy" the three words make a good combo.
Thanks for the visit. Going through yours :)

modern exile said...

Thanks JL. You must be back to work. Hopefully everything is going well. TC

modern exile said...

Thanks. It seems we are all ace when it comes to going "Around the syllabus in 7 Days"
It feels great to be back.

modern exile said...

You are no doubt Anorak. Thanks dada. It was good to see you here.:)

modern exile said...


Rauf, rauf, ain't I glad to be back!!
I'd been planning to (See, how much I PLAN) get hold of the film "Girl with a Pearl" for sometime. The Vermeer painting first came to my attention a few years back (It adorned the backcover of Reader's Digest). Scarlet is beautiful.
My exmas being over, I feel great but more obstructions (to my happiness)awaits me. Tried to go through your Fav post. had to end midway but wil continue. Hope you are fine.:)

modern exile said...

@still thinking!!!:

modern exile said...

I've been tring to get myself more acquainted with haikus. Love dthe few that I have read of Basho's.
I'm back!!

modern exile said...

Well I'm here but I wonder who are u??
Would you enlighten?

TESTA said...

hey.;no post,no read paid a lot na...bhaloi hoyeche....ki bolish...