16 May 2009

Another Farewell

It has not even been a year since we bade farewell to our seniors and the time for our farewell already came and went. Yesterday marked the official last day at the university.

Two years was a small span of time, but how much we learn, take in, consume, remember within these 2*365 days, how many memories collaborated to form some distinct tales. The not-so-haloed stairs leading to the older department till the sprawling new building, the (developmental) journey was amazing. The two years made all of us grow up, introducing me to varied kind of people and politics, emotions and antics and ultimately helped me in realising the importance of being nostalgic. Yearning for the sepia past, making me see that the bygone days are always so better (something which was, as yet, unknown, unexplored).
Unlike our senior's farewell, there was no breeze and rain. (I got some terrible blisters though, thanks to my two inches high heels and the walk without umbrellas under the cruel sun). So much for being reasonably reasonless.
It was an emotional occasion and in spite of myself, the tears did sneak through. I had all kinds of experience: the good, the bad and the ugly. But you end up remembering the better times: the journey, the endless chat on the balcony, the seat under the mango tree shade, the leaves trailing the entrance, the silent reading room, the jokes (terrible and proper) shared and blasted... these images did manage to create a montage in the crevices of the roving mind of mine.

These two years have helped me in gaining two very different but amazing people whom I can call friends (J&K) and also introduced me to some great 'teacher-friends'. Love you all.

The juniors were such an amazing discovery while some just made me die with laughter virtually, some were too nice to be true. Will miss most of you.
No, I'm not writing it after being overwhelmed with emotions but rather because I'm thankful for the two-year sojourn.
To quote Shakespeare:"All's well that ends well"
This marks a new beginning. The road is long and the journey, no doubt tiresome but who doesn't love newer beginnings...
I do.

9 after-thought(s):

Tanaya said...

Time to start afresh...with renewed vigour...Change is so damn changeless!!!
I like the way you write..Saswati used to always praise your english..now i can proudly proclaim that my sis has an eye for talent :) Keep it up..and best of luck for the new exciting journey ahead.

modern exile said...

"Change is the only constant... really.."
Thanks for the appreciation and the 'best of luck' coming from you it means a lot.
Where the hell will I end up, I wonder!!

Little Girl Lost said...

new beginnings scare the lifelights out of me... am so glad that you are excited :)
good luck sagorika...

atanu nath said...

now there may or may not be your "two inches high heels".. sometimes bare feet... u have to walk... by the way that is not what I am going to describe u here.. how the next life might be...!! I want to thank u for all this... the way u have accumulated the few years... nicely said.. really speaking... u've in many ways.. in many parts succeeded to express... that I can feel from this article... better not to mention... cuz most of the lines are beautifully said... I will just say... u should come out of the umbrella forever... days of bygone era will give u cover... from the hot sun rays of today's world... best of luck...

modern exile said...

Trying to put a brave face .. eh!!!
After the monotony, a little something new always feels so overwhelming.

modern exile said...

@atanu nath:
To let you know, I walked barefoot the rest of the evening (holding my shoes on one hand and the wallet on the other). Pathetic, I know:(
Well as far as the imminent future.. lets leave it to a different state altogether..
Anyways, thanks for the luck buddy:)!!

rauf said...

i am not rich Sagorika and most of my classmates were same like me, middle class, poor, none of us had a telephone, no email ID's those days and had to make an effort to keep in touch physically, going and meeting them personally, which continues even today after 40 years. less frequent now as we have grown old and none of them has ever touched a keyboard. That doesn't mean my life has been a great success.

Now its easy for you to stay in touch with your friends Sagorika, Hope you do. i still prefer staying in touch physically.

Your senior's farewell reminds me of a movie, Sandra Bullock's 'Forces of nature'

i am fine, just taking a break. Nothing happened really, Thanks so much Sagorika, Lots of subjects to write, really wish i had your command of language and the smooth, friction free flow. Its a pleasure to read your thoughts. Hope you are doing fine.

modern exile said...

I'm doing fine Rauf. After the exams, had to unwind. Went to Guwahati, a little trip. Will be posting the pictures at Picasa. Great to know that you are doing fine as well. I'd watched "Forces of Nature". It is pretty clear that you also are a film fanatic. Ah! thats gives me so many more reasons to smile.
Your appreciation makes me proud:)

TESTA said...

each and every word sounded so much similar....well written....