5 July 2009

Remembrance of Things Past

That translucent alabaster of our memories
Marcel Proust "The Captive," Remembrance of Things Past(1929).

Chapter 1
Grandma's Garden

After a very long time I stumbled upon the long (but not definitely lost) memory of my grandma's garden (my papa's aunt) sprinkled with tiny yellow flowers (they were my favourite), the haystacks that were left by the side of the pond. The fields when they were green(and yellow), my best summer days spent, till date. The memories are not lost but the very things which formed my memories, have travelled far beyond the time and space they were meant to traverse. There are no yellow flowers now. When I look back, I think they were not even flowers, I mean not planted or anything, just wild growth that somehow found its way to be a part of the garden that was never meant for it. I can find no haystack (there needs to be hay first) and no green field (because there's no more farming).

Chapter 2

Cousins' Quarter

I remember the early morning stroll my cousins and I used to take only so that we can witness the rising sun and to blow the drops off the dewy grasses. The continuation of the day dreams with a nap on that very dewy fields. The unending conversations about everything mundane with a toothbrush in our hands. I remember running around the vast playground of the quarters where my cousins used to stay. The old, uninhabited ghostly quarters whose only constant visitors were the three of us (F, D and I) trying to find out hidden treasures/leftover troves of some kind. We practically broke in. Locks and latches were of no hindrance at all.
They left this place long, long way back. Those days have vanished, gone, evaporated to dimness even in my memories so much so that I usually never recall them. Sometimes it is hard to believe that all of these (and many more fantabulous incidents) did happen. These memories are neither fictitious nor coloured. They were so much better than fiction.

I want to read Proust. I have to read Proust.
(These passages are episodes from MY life and not excerpts of the book with the same name as the title of my post )

Summer reading list:
1. When Dreams Travel - Githa Hariharan
2. The Motorcycle Diaries - Ernesto Guevara
3. Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights - Richard Burton
All my friends here, I would be happy if you can suggest me some films to watch- your favourites or films which you think is something one should not miss.
Have a fabulous week ahead.

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SANDIPAN said...

i wanted to read proust..but then at kolkata the book store told me...it comprised of four(?) vol..i dint have the time...and neither the money...but since u have posted some very nice selections here....i think i will buy it after all...even if i do not read it from the start to fifnish...some paras like the ones u have posted...can always be delightful..anyway ..this is a very well managed blog...professional...i shud say....goodwork...watch Jim Jarmusch's Stranger than paradise...it is not a "wow"...but then none of his movies are meant that way...one of my favourites

modern exile said...

Sandipan, no, these passages are no way from Marcel Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" (I want to read him so badly,though) .. No, not at all. These passages are all mine. I had read a few passages yes, but these are certainly not his. (He'll rise from his grave, if he happens to know about this, I'm telling you).
These last few days, old memories were haunting me, I just quoted him (the first line). These are episodes of incidents that took place in my life. I just wanted to write it in an episodic manner so taht I can keep on updating my MEMORIES from time to time.Thats it.

P.S: Thanks for te suggestion and everything else. Give me more, if you have any. Take care.

modern exile said...

And yes, as for being well managed... I thought (no, in fact I'm confident) that I'm one of the laziest bloggers ever. I don't pen even 1/10th of what goes inside my head. By the way, love to see your blog getting resurrected. That dark, interesting, appealing world inside your head needs air, light and so much more (no offences made, I hope. Keep writing.

SANDIPAN said...

"toothbrush in our hands"..seemed rather strange...and i had read some paras ..it dint seem such a easy work...either ..i was wondering where from u collected such simple loveable passages.....anyway..lol

Anorak said...

wonderful as usual....
some suggestions of movies:
1. Into the wild
2. My left foot
3. Longest day
4. the wall
5. scent of a woman
...i hope u hvnt watchd any of these...keep walking!!!

modern exile said...

thanks as always..
Well, I've watched both "Into the Wild" and Scent of a Woman, loved them immensely. Have heard a lot about Daniel Day Lewis' performance in "My Left Foot". Thanks for sharing :)

this wheel's on fire said...

Yes definately My Left Foot! But I am a lover of anything Daniel Day-Lewis does, but he is truly amazing in this (okay and basically everything else :D). I would also recommend:
-2 Days in Paris
-The Ballad of Jack & Rose (another DDL film)
-Before Sunrise & Before Sunset (as we already talked about)
-25th Hour
-Dog Day Afternoon

I suppose that's enough for now, right? By the way I loved reading this post xo

atanu nath said...

reminds me of "Doodhpur"... and my brothers...they were more friends than brothers..

modern exile said...

@this wheel's on fire:
I got that idea when you confessed to watching the 'Nine' trailer for 200 times ;)Thanks for the list. Thats more than enough for now.

And, yes, it makes me glad to know that you loved this post :)

modern exile said...

@atanu nath:
This is what left of the things we love and treasure.. memories.. for you may be it's Doodhpur, for me... thats it!!

TESTA said...

hey...reminds me of my grandma nd childhood...wish cud gt bk dos dys...

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

1. Mephisto (Istvan Szabo)
2. Black Cat White Cat (Emir Kusturica)
3. Leon (Luc Besson)
And just for the Hollywood representation,
4. Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch)

modern exile said...

Good-old-days are hard to come by at present.
Thanks for stopping by, Testa.

modern exile said...

@sujoy Bhattacharjee:
Black Cat White Cat is one of the best comedies watched by me(ever)(Am in constant anticipation of more from Kusturica but have not been that successful yet) and Dead Man, a western like no other.
Thanks Sujoy.

rauf said...

i am not an intellectual Sagorika, so i am not suggesting anything. There have been some books movies and music that have influenced me. You are young and the only thing i would suggest is to write down your thoughts, your views, the places you visit while the memory is still fresh. i regret not doing it. Now i don't even remember how many times i have been to sikkim and what music or book i carried with me.

i never claim that i am right Sagorika, now i don't read much. i don't want to get influenced by any thing. the ideas have to be mine, not borrowed. i may be wrong, i don't have to be right, but i don't want to be afraid of expressing myself. This may not be a right approach for you.

Your reading should include material you don't agree with. This kicks up a debate in your mind while you read. This really helps to know where you stand.

Daniel Day Lewis received an Oscar for the movie you mentioned in the comment.

ShantanuDas said...

When I was your age I did not have the net! Lucky you that you can share your thoughts today..

workhard said...

Arabian nights is really interesting..

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